DArT analytical services

DArT analytical platform consists of several purpose built applications, which constitute entire workflows allowing researchers to turn laboratory results into valuable and accurate data.


Our "primary workflows" convert raw outputs of microarray images as well as sequencer binary files into highly compressed tabular formats suitable for further analysis. All those processes are fully automated, use barcoding systems for all identification tasks and with high quality of laboratory outputs, rarely require adjustment. DArT's microarray spot finding algorithm uses DArTdb printmaps as templates and can rapidly find all spots locations and intensity values.


Our sequencing data conversion and quality control pipeline produces high volumes of best quality tags ready for polymorphism analysis using DArTdb for staorage.



Our "secondary workflows" output consists of polymorphism and scoring analysis results.

DArTsoft is our desktop package for microarray polymorphism analysis.

DArTsoftS is our web service for the sequencing data analysis which converts sequence tag counts into scorings: presence/absence markers (SilicoDArTs)  and SNP data.


DArT PL has a large range of data export and manipulation tools. Many of our data visualisation tools and algorithms extend beyond polymorphism scoring. We also perform marker-trait association analysis, generate genetic maps and various sequence alignments for our clients.