Gordon Luikart, Phillip R. England, David Tallmon, Steve Jordan & Pierre Taberlet

Published: Nature Reviews Genetics, December 2003, Volume 4, Page 981-994. DOI:  10.1038/nrg1226

Population genomics has the potential to improve studies of evolutionary genetics, molecular ecology and conservation biology, by facilitating the identification of adaptive molecular variation and by improving the estimation of important parameters such as population size, migration rates and phylogenetic relationships.

Kilian A, Huttner E, Wenzl P, Jaccoud D, Carling J, Caig V, Evers M, Heller-Uszynska K, Cayla C, Patarapuwadol S, Xia L, Yang S, Thomson B.

Published: Avenue Media, May 2003, Page 443-461.

In this paper we focus on two technologies that appear to be suited for whole-genome profiling: SNP and DArT. Sequencing accomplishments in several model species have shown that the value of sequencing is limited without comprehensive information about genome diversity.