Our Partners

Over the years DArT PL enabled transfer of its Technology Package to a number of international partners in the context of building DArT Network. Our first partner benefiting from accessing DArT platform was ICRISAT after their scientists were trained in Canberra in 2007 for a few months to transfer DArT technology to their home institution.

CIRAD was another organisation that successfully established DArT platform in-house thanks to training of their scientists in Canberra. DArT PL continues supporting genetic research and breeding activities of CIRAD through provision of DArTseq service for a number of important crops for international agriculture.

DArT PL’s most significant partner at this time is another CGIAR organisation – CIMMYT. DArT PL was providing genotyping service for CIMMYT for the last decade, initially on the array platform and more recently using DArTseq. In addition DArT PL trained seven CIMMYT staff and students in genome profiling and data analysis with the aim of transferring DArT technology package to Mexico. Almost all trainees are already using these technologies in Mexico in a new facility called SAGA, set up and operated with support from Mexican government. 

The National ICT Australia (NICTA) is our partner for nearly a decade and our joint efforts resulted in development of a powerful datamining application using Statistical Machine Learning. More recently we have established a partnership to develop novel technologies for genetic analysis and Genomic Selection applications.