The role of IT at DArT

Our genotyping services would not be possible without strong Information Technology support. An experienced team of IT professionals provide:

  • support to the whole genome profiling service; and

  • system development and data storage/management solutions for our clients.

 At the core of our genome profiling operations is DArTdb which provides capability for the:

  • Storage of all marker data (from raw Microarray images to sequences generated on DArTseq platform);
  • Representation of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS);
  • Integration with the online ordering system; and
  • Providing analytical tools for marker data extraction.

KDDart is our major development project to create a comprehensive data storage and integration platform. The KDDart platform is in the early stages of implementation with a number of our partners and collaborators.


The diagram below represents the general workflow of our system and integration between the genome profiling operations and data integration platform.